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Using Wordpress to create an easy to update portfolio

After a quite successful first 6 months of business from my new logo design site UK Logo Design, I hit a brick wall. I was receiving so much work from the site that took up so much of my time I was never able to upload or update the site with the work I was producing which became quite annoying.

I decided to look into using Wordpress (my first time) to build a portfolio site that I would be able to update much easier and faster much in the same way I can post to a blog. I purchased a portfolio style theme from woothemes to use as the basis and then styled it to look like my other side, a few plugins and tweaks later and I'm finally ready to start using my new UK Logo Design site.

The main featured section is for my logo design.

I also have a sub section for Web Design & Graphic Design.

And a logo image gallery of my most recent work. I'm updating it as I go and when all my work is uploaded to the site it should make things much easier to update in the future.

Please feel free to comment on any of the work there and also be sure to sign up to the UK Logo Design feed so you will be notified when I upload my latest pieces of work. If you don't use a feedburner you can also subscribe via email here.

Also if you want to hire us for any of your projects feel free to contact us.
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