Nikon Lens Pen

Your camera, binocular or telescope uses highly precise optics. It's important to keep them as
clean as possible to assure the best performance. Nikon makes it really easy and simple with the Lens Pen Cleaning System.

The unique LensPen features a fully retractable ultra fine brush and a flexible chamois tip. It uses a proprietary carbon based cleaning compound thatwon't spill or dry out. There's nothing else like it on the market and the LensPen has won many awards for superior product design and usability. Contains a non-liquid compound that will not spill or dry out and its compact size fits into almost any pocket.

LensPen's revolutionary non-liquid compound is safe for all optical lenses and delicate lens coatings. While LensPen is highly effective, convenient and environmentally safe, it also leaves no trace of residue. Looking through any lens is made more enjoyable by using LensPen!


  • Quickly cleans fingerprints, smudges, grease marks and dust off lens surface
  • Works with all types of cameras (digital and film), as well as binoculars, telescopes, and other optical products
  • Safe for all optical lenses including multicaoted surfaces
  • Small, pen-style design easily fits in any camera bag
  • Soft brush retracts into pen body to stay clean
  • Will not scratch or damage lenses
  • Outperforms all other lens cleaning devices
  • Unique LENS PEN tip is self replenishing
  • Cleaning compound will not spill or dry
  • Environmentlly Friendly
  • Non-Toxic

  • Awards

    was voted the "Accessory of the Year" in the Photo Trade News* Top
    Product of the year Competiton. LensPen also won the "Design and
    Engineering Award" at the 1994 Summer Consumer Electronics Show* and
    the 1999 Laboratory Equipment magazine's Reader Choice Award.

    You can buy these at

    I personally have just bought one for half the price from ebay!

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